Frequently Asked Questions

How will my donation be used?

All donations will be used directly to plan, support, and execute Jump For Joy activities in such a way that no cost is incurred to the community that we are supporting. Every dollar raised will be used to get role models in front of kids in an inspiring and creative way.

How experienced are your jumpers?

J4J places a high priority on safety and professionalism. We only work with the sport’s most professional and experienced human flight specialists, requiring a minimum of 1,000 skydives, a PRO rating issued by the United States Parachute Association and the personal vetting of our expert community.

Why skydive?

The parachuting portion of the message is simply a way to get your attention. In the age of smart phones, IPADs, unlimited WiFi, and other virtual distractions, we wanted to make sure we bring the students attention back to the beautiful reality they live in. Plus let’s be honest, for kids to really listen to you, you need a little bit of street cred. We bring ours with us in the form of a parachute.

Is this safe?

J4J’s team has many years of experience with risk management. Our athletes have jumped into such highprofile spectator events as NFL games, motocross and supercross races, NASCAR events, the Skiing World Cup and the XGames. This makes highly technical accuracy targets excitingly doable: we’ve even landed on a boat! As an important note: J4J athletes wear two parachutes a primary, and a backup “reserve” to ensure a soft landing.

Is this legal?

All required permits, authorizations, and insurance are obtained prior to any performances as well as coordination with local FAA facilities and law enforcement.

Who pays for the jumps?

The Jump For Joy fundraising teams travels the globe to raise funds for our performances. Our vision is that by providing our presentation at no cost to the schools and communities we support, the message will have have the potential to be seen by the most people.

Is Jump For Joy available for hire?

Yes. Jumps for Joy’s team of consultants is available for special projects through their sister company, Bomb Squad Consulting LLC. If you have a question about commercial work, logo’d parachutes and wingsuits, purchasing video content, or sponsorship, send a message and you will be connected with the appropriate representative.