Jump For Joy performs (free of charge) demonstration skydives into schools and community centers to educate young people about our most precious natural resource: the human spirit.
Using human flight as an inspirational tool, we encourage our youth to transcend internal and external barriers, soaring to the heights of their potential.

We Believe In The Inspirational Power of Human Flight. Do you?

Since the beginning of time man has looked to the skies with a sense of wonder. What would it be like to fly? What would it feel like to have our dreams come true? By tapping into that genuine curiosity, Jump For Joy has been built on a platform of hope and magic. We believe that every child has the ability to find health and success by looking inward to their heart, mind, and body (physical fitness). Join us, so that we can work together to create a future where every child feels like they can fly.

Observing human flight is profoundly memorable.

What We Do

To successfully pass along a message, you must leave a clear and lasting impression.

Tracking the Journey

Jump For Joy organizes FREE, fully insured, FAA approved demonstration skydives into a landable (and authorized) open area at a school, community center or public greenspace. The crowd scans the skies overhead for the aircraft, watches us exit and spread our wings, traces our flight across the sky and see the parachutes pop open.

Creating Awareness

The event speakers land their parachutes right in front of the riveted audience. Immediately after the speakers land, they’ll be introduced to the students and provide a customized presentation focusing on the balance of heart, mind, creativity, and structure. Special topics can be introduced based on the needs of the specific community.

Why We Care

Todays youth are bombarded with advertisements, movies, and television shows that send confusing messages about the value of their life.

Jump For Joy exists to remind them their worth is not based on their accomplishments, possessions or by comparison to others.

Through helping the young people of today tap into their confidence, compassion, and creativity we are bringing balance to our families and communities for generations to come.


About Jump For Joy

Where Does Jump For Joy Come From?

Jump For Joy is a for-purpose coalition of athletes and producers that work to ignite the creative fire inside young people, stoking the confidence and vision needed to pursue their life purpose.

In Jump For Joy, founder Neil Amonson has partnered with industry leaders to create an organization that exists to help children and young adults unlock their potential through intuition, creativity, and emotional awareness.

Neil Amonson
Neil Amonson

Get Involved

In addition to donations, you can connect us with communities and schools. If you are a licensed pilot with a plane, you can donate flight time in your jumpable aircraft. You can provide targeted marketing support. You can also partner with us so we bring your own community leader in to a gathering via a tandem skydive.

Let’s start the conversation.